The process of formation and implementation of an investment project has gone through three phases: preparation of investment; to make the investment; Completed construction and putting the project into exploitation and use. Making an investment project is only part of the preparation process. This process shall include the contents of elaboration of investment reports on the construction of works and investment permission or formulation of work construction investment projects or elaboration of economic-technical reports on the construction of works.

When investing in the construction of works, the investor shall have to organize the elaboration of the project to clarify the necessity for investment and the efficiency of work construction investment, except for works requiring the elaboration of economic reports only. - technical construction works and construction works are an individual housing of the people.

Investors shall not have to formulate projects but only make economic-technical reports on the construction of works for submission to investment deciders for approval in the following cases:

- Buildings for religious purposes;

- Works for renovation, repair, upgrading and building of offices of agencies with a total investment capital of under VND 3 billion;

- Social infrastructure projects with a total investment of less than VND 7 billion, which are used for budgetary purposes, not for business purposes, in line with socio-economic development plannings and construction master plans. or have been included in the annual investment plan.

The Five and Partners have many years of experience in the formulation of investment projects. We bring you the most perfect works of all time.


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